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Common Grounds – 480 Rugby Road

Common Grounds is home to Ukirk@UVA and is a space for UVA students to share meals and conversation, study, watch movies, play music, attend programs, and enjoy a cup of coffee.

In addition to hosting UKirk@UVA, Common Grounds is the gathering spot for the 20/30/40 CreW, Sunday morning WPC youth classes as well as other community events.

Upstairs in Common Grounds, there are a number of small, local non-profits offices. Over the years, many area non-profits that are critical to the support of the area community began their work in Common Grounds. Current residents include: BEATDiabetes, Counseling Ministry of Charlottesville, Habitat for Humanity’s Virginia Office, and Theological Horizons.

Over the decades, Common Grounds has been a place and a space in which to share ideas, to question, and to connect. Within its walls, the important issues of each generation were discussed, calls for social justice made, prayers raised, and music played.

Common Grounds